João Pedro Fonseca Artist art arte João Pedro Fonseca artista

João Pedro Fonseca Artist art arte João Pedro Fonseca artista

In exhibition at MNAC: Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado 14 OUT. 2015 > 24 JAN. 2016.

This work isn’t just a loop but a piece that through repetition surrenders to a changing process. The memory of repetition being linked to the iteration of action in a short time is here counteracted, the piece lives in a long period of questioning were it tends not to mechanize under the exercise of repetition, so when the viewer confronts the loops he faces details that he hadn’t realized before. From the stone block born the ideal of physical perfection where the process of removing gives place to the form, and with it, comes the reflection of our imagination, an idealistic mirror of our flesh. The creation and the absence lives on the form of dust, this one unites this antagonistic parallelism, the primary element to the course of action where the bodies born and create their own composition. The impenetrability of the bodies causes one to nullify the other but always keeping their animic presence. Even when we are able to see the true bodily form we know that they are there, because where before had been only one block, throughout the piece, we attach to it a face and an identity. In space, the spectator is only a witness of this phenomenon.

HD, colour, no sound, 10'00''
2568 x 720

Directed by: João Pedro Fonseca
​Female ​performance​: Inês Apolinário
​Male performance: Fábio Faustino
Assistant: Maurício Santos​